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10 years of experience in Process R&D on small and large scale, also capable of chiral synthesis.
Evaluation and selection of routes for target molecules; Assessment of critical process parameters; Rapid screening of reactions conditions by utilizing parallel appliance; Perform reliable methods for in-process testing and analysis of intermediates and APIs; Development of continuous flow processes
Optimization of reaction conditions to have more efficiency operations by classical methods or statistical design of experiments; Process improvement for cost reduction and throughput maximization
Development of rapid scale-up of your cGMP raw materials or process intermediates from the kilogram to metric tonne scale both in the Kilo-Lab and Pilot Plant
Safety and impurity management strategy; Hazard and process safety evaluations with tools including multiple RC-1 reaction calorimeters, a HEL Thermal Screening unit (TSU) and multiple differential scanning calorimeters
Technology support
Low temperature, high temperature and high pressure chemistry; Photochemistry; Numerous LC/MS (including UFLC/MS and UPLC/MS with PDA and ELSD detectors); HPLC, GC/MS, GC and Headspace-GC; Bruker NMR; Waters autopurification systems; Thar SFC (Analytical and Preparative); FT-IR; UV-Vis; IR; KF titrator, polarimeter; X-ray crystallography