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Tuoda Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in researching, manufacturing and marketing of various drug intermediates, Active pharmaceutical Ingredients(API) and Food additives. According to customer’s registration requirements, we can provide products from gram level to kilo and ton level. We can also provide technical support to customers.

We have established NEW R&D center in Shenzhen to research and develop targeted anti-tumor drugs, anti fungal drugs, anti viral drugs, hypertension drugs and other new drugs. Our research center has professional research, development team and advanced equipments, such as:MHz NMR Spectrometer, GC/MS System, HPLC/MS System, HPLC, GC, Reaction Calorimeter, Automatic Polarimetry, Parallel Reactor.

We have GMP manufactory in Jiangsu. Our products are widely sold to famous pharmaceutical companies as well as Biotech Pharmaceutical companies across the globe, mainly to India, USA and Germany. To enhance our research and development level, TUODA Pharma have developed close cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies in custom synthesis and developing new drugs.